Breaking Bad: The Pilot Ep. 1. aka: The Awakening

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Breakin on Breaking Bad
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Just watched Season premier of Nikita with Zook at his space. (09.09.10)  9ish pm til the break of dawn

Hancock? Loved the concept of the movie! The whole Titan thing was cool. Love through the ages, even better. Vince Gilligan- never heard of him, but boy do I know his work-Ex-Files-use to be my show!

I had only heard of the show “Breaking Bad” on AMC-that it was good. Talking about my assignment with my daughter, she remarked how it came on after some other show.  What are you doing watching THAT show?!  ran through my mind, remembering the opening scene from the pilot. She thought I was over dramatic, as usual. I was dumb founded by what was being depicted on the screen…it haunted me  all night to wonder how the show would unfold -literally.  I kept tossing and turning with dreams.

I’ve enlisted my “Season Sidekick Zook” (S2Z) to watch along with me for various reasons:

1. there is no more 24 and it use to be our Monday night gig.

2. Both of us were curious, so we have a new Show to interact on.

3. Who really likes to watch t.v. alone, especially t.v. worth commenting on, and commenting I will be doing.

Being that I am new to the series, I only wanted to find out limited information. I wanted a purest view Not to get caught up on comments and reviews for Season 3. I wanted to form my own opinion…Ive blocked out the comment my child made about what she saw one episode I don’t want to know! My goal was to get the view of the nucleus. Walt, Wife and Walt jr.

Upon opening scene, I was transported to a very surreal moment in time,  3 weeks later scrolls across the bottom-now I’m confused and a little scared for what I read about the 3 main characters. Mom, dad and Jr. wait, was that the main character Walt White with a gas mask on his face….?!

I deliberately did not read liner notes on the ‘other’ characters, wanting them to unfold through the eyes, not my preconceived notion of what they should be like to me. I was secretly curious to know who would say the proverbial one liner. The scene in which “IT” was said, was poetic .

“Tell me why you are doing this.” the character asked.  The scene was picturesque as Walt simply says “I’m awake”.

Jesse’s character thus far is in need of a second watch I see already he is a screw up.  In one scene he reminds me of a rap video incarnate. In others the over stylized dress mimicked by White American youth as urban dress. The desert reminded me of “Oklahoma”, the musical as he stood atop the hill overlooking the meth mobile below.

I was surprised Walt Jr was a real smart ass and I liked him for it. Zook and I spoke later on his character. We noted a few things about Walt Jr and his relation and relationship to his dad who never says anything when Walt Jr says some real honest facts. Walt Jr’s body betrays his intellect. You can see and you know by what he is conceiving of doing that Walt really loves his son. Walt Jr’s persona is one 5 times the man men are physically. He is exactly how you want a kid to be. He is smart.

Zook: He [Walt Jr] is smart, Walt Sr looks at Walt Jr as he has the heart, spirit, determination, will, sense of humor, intellect tough skin; like father like son. Walt sr is dying, scared. He is rolling on basic instinct and intellect: to protect and provide his family. His son is not a man yet. thats why he is dealing in drugs its temporary nobody sells drugs forever we have all seen “Scar Face” who gets it in the end.

Walt is looking to stay low, get in a position where he is making sure his family has money to take care of themselves, so that his son can be who knows him to be.  It’s ill that he is not telling them what he is doing.

The scene in the clothing store definitely showed a united front. I wish I hadn’t read about Skyler, Walt’s wife played by Anna Gunn. She is all that they say, therefore I just watch her do her thing. I cant expect any surprises from her character- or can I? She seems to love her family- a house wife with a fetish…What would real housewives do with out E-bay or soap operas?!…

Walt’s birthday…I read about the beer scene online-Damn, what happened to the days when information was transmitted slower? Now I’m the one behind….! I must say that the scene didn’t work for me.  Maybe because they gave it a way on-line #mce_temp_url#. It felt like it was staged to happen, I could see the ‘set-up’, like Kat Williams saying “Wait for it….” The way the toast about came about,  I could see the ‘bigwig didnt know he was DEA ( Hank Schrader played by Dean Norris) (DAMN!!!)- was going to do something trite. The fact that he is DEA, and not local law enforcement, made it even more copacetic that Walt became an “ar-tist”. Im glad Zook hadnt read the notes, so he was surprised by Hank’s actions, but it did seem predictable.

I loved the break down, the schooling, the knowledge, the visual effects, color palate of the making meth scene in the RV.  The education that was given on ‘chemistry’ to Jess- who failed by the way. How excited Walt was about his glass beaker and the proper use for it. As I watched him make the meth, not that  I know the process of making meth, I may have seen a few episodes of “Intervention”- I kept saying to myself there seems to be 2 or 3 extra processes as if Walt was distilling the meth and BAM!  When I saw the final product, I felt like Jess! That was some PURE sh*!

All I could say was ‘Oh, that’s why it took the extra steps’.  I’ve never seen anyone do meth, but the clear crystal stick seemed enticing. I wish he would have let Jess try it which again gives way to watching Jess characters.  I think he will let him or Jess will do it anyway, so it is implied.  This particular scene reminded Zook of the book “Perfume”, which was made into a movie  with screen play by: Andrew Birkin, Bernd Eichninger and Tom Tykwer  (Dustin Hoffman played Giuseppe Baldini the perfumer Grenouille learned from) #mce_temp_url#– this show too could lead to murder.  I mean, Walter White is wanting to become a drug dealer.

The nucleus aka The White Family


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